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Magnesium and its superpowers in muscle recovery

I often cite the benefits of magnesium for muscles and joints to clients, especially those competing in events and or training intensely who need all the recovery they can muster, in addition to foam rolling, massage ball trigger pointing, seeing us for sports massage and regular stretching (plus de stressing mentally!!). So, I thought I’d write a blog breaking down the benefits and regular questions I get asked on the best way to take it. Overall, magnesium is a mineral that serves many crucial functions in the human body such as: regulating blood pressure maintaining heart health energy production nerve function protein synthesis – important for muscle repair! healthy bone formation blood

How to stop your knees dropping in when you squat

When you squat do you find that your knees drop in or that you drift over to one side? One of the causes of this can be one or both glutes are weak. If the glute is weak then it means that the knee can drift in causing the foot to fall in (pronate) which creates a twist in the knee (tibial valgus and medial rotation). This is not good and over time may lead to injuries of the knee, hip, ankle or lower back. Try this - Stand in front of a mirror and squat to around 90º or lower if comfortable. Note that you may need to add some weight as this dysfunction may only occur when more weight is added than the Glutes can handle. What do you see? Do you notice your weight shifting to one side? Does o

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