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Cancellation (Fonzie*) Policy

You may remember the TV show Happy Days. In it there was a character called Fonzie. He was the cool, leather jacket wearing, motorcycle riding dude. Fonzie personified cool and at Muscle Therapy Australia we would like to encourage our clients to be like Fonzie and be cool. Rather than have a stale cancellation policy we much prefer to have the Fonzie policy. 


Things that aren't cool:

  • Not turning up to an appointment and then ignoring us when we contact you - 100% fee

  • Cancelling the appointment within 3 hours of your appointment - 100% fee

  • Cancelling the appointment within 24 hours but not less than 3 hours - 50% fee

  • Turning up late to your appointments - no fee, but just not cool. 


Things that are cool:

  • If you do need to cancel an appointment make sure you do this as soon as you know and ideally with more than 24 hours before appointment time. 

  • Apologising. We love it when people own that they have messed up and forgotten. We don't want no made up excuses. 

  • Turning up on time. 

  • Paying the cancellation fee and not complaining about it. Remember that by booking your appointment you have accepted our terms and conditions. These things you are reading now are our terms and conditions. If they don't sit well with you then you may need to re-consider booking with us.  


Why you so strict with cancellations?

We are strict with cancellations because a few ruin it for the many. Most of our clients are cool and behave very cooly (not a word). But some of you (don't be that guy/girl) will not be cool and cost us time, money and most of all the healing of other clients injuries. 

You may have a great excuse, but we have to trust you and take this excuse at face value. If there is a genuine issue and reason you can't make it you still need to contact us. It is unacceptable and totally not cool to not show up. 


What happens when you aren't cool and you don't turn up?

We may be forced to blacklist you from the clinic. At Muscle Therapy Australia we want to work with clients who are cool and want to get better and are also committed to getting better. If you do a no show and don't contact us to let us know why you didn't turn up, you will be automatically blacklisted and you will never be able to make an appointment at our clinic. No exceptions. 


At Muscle Therapy Australia we have a very strict cancellation policy. There are many reasons for this policy. These are so we don't lose income and also that clients that want an appointment can get them. We are a very busy clinic and are booked out each week, so by you missing an appointment or cancelling at the last minute another client will miss out. Your actions have ramifications. 


When you book an appointment at Muscle Therapy Australia there is an agreement between the practitioner and you, the client. From our end, we will endeavour to be on time and give you the full time allocated to you that you booked for. From your end you need to turn up on time and if you need to cancel, give us plenty of notice. 



Here is the cancellation policy in a more serous and normal format for those who don't have a clue what the whole Fonzie thing is all about.


Once you make the appointment please note that it is your responsibility to keep it and arrive on time. If you  cancel within 24 hours of your appointment then a 50% fee will be charged to you, payable within 7 days either in person at your next appointment or online.


If you forget on the day and miss your appointment or fail to give at least 3 hours notice then you will be charged the full fee. 


This fee will need to be paid at your next appointment, on the phone via credit card or through the website via credit or paypal and you will have 7 days to pay. We're sure you will understand as if you miss your appointment it means another client who is on the wait list will miss out and as we are a client based business we also lose income. 

Failure to pay this fee may result in debt recovery action and nobody wants to go down that path. 



*Leather jacket and motorcycle is optional. 




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