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Fix Shoulder Pain with Serratus Scoop for Winged Scapula

In this video Garry demonstrates a serratus anterior activation exercise that can help get the lower fibres of serratus anterior working to help pull the scapula onto the ribs and reduce a winging scapula. A winging scapula is a sign of an unstable shoulder and this can lead to many shoulder injuries over time especially if you go to the gym or play sport. If you have shoulder pain and you have never heard of the serratus anterior muscle then you need to start doing this.

Of course this is general advice and it is important to have a thorough assessment to find out what is going on in your shoulder before commencing exercises. Our team can help you with this and get to the root cause of why your shoulder keeps getting injured and fix shoulder pain with serratus scoop for winged scapula.

Also don't be discouraged if it takes you ages to get this exercise. It is hard and the muscles are complicated to understand even for a professoinal. Just go easy on yourself and keep practicing. We can also show you how to do this effectively.


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