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What is scoliosis and is it the cause of your pain?

Have you ever been told you have scoliosis? Sounds scary right? Whilst some scoliosis is very serious and can be debilitating most scoliosis is perfectly normal and may not really have much to do with your pain. Chiropractors and Osteopaths are notorious for telling people they have scoliosis as though it is a major problem and also that they can fix it. Whilst minor scoliosis can in theory be helped with manual therapy there is no way that cracking your spine will magically straighten it up and it certainly wont help with a genetic structural scoliosis. There is this idea in musculoskeletal health that the spine needs to be straight (within the realms of its natural curves) but in reality d

The 3 most common shoulder injuries in the gym

Shoulder pain is one of the main reasons people come into clinic and can be very debilitating and affect your gym workouts. We treat a lot of clients who go to the gym so we have a solid insight into gym injuries. At worse you may have to stop doing weights completely and let the injury rest. Finding out exactly what is wrong with your shoulder is important in understanding how to best treat it. When this is known you can then know exactly what you can do in the gym without aggravating your pain also improving your form. These are the most common injuries we see in clinic in order of frequency: 1) Shoulder impingement. A shoulder impingement is a broad term for shoulder pain that gets worse

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