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Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy involves using pressure and release techniques to deactivate sensitive points in muscle fibres. These trigger points are renowned for referring pain into another area of the body. An example of this is a trigger point in muscles of the neck can refer pain into the head giving you the sensation of a headache. The root cause of this will actually be the trigger point in the neck. Releasing this trigger point will end the headache.

A skilled remedial massage therapist such as those at Muscle Therapy Australia can identify and release many trigger points in your body and leave you feeling pain free and alive.

Trigger Point Therapy is the most useful and safest form of treatment for conditions such as : joint sprains, muscle strains or pulls, tight muscles, aching muscles, limited movement, headaches, jaw pain, back pain including disc injuries, neck pain, shoulder injuries and many more.


Sydney Remedial Massage

Trigger Point Therapy Sydney

These are some referral points. The X marks the trigger point, whereas the red pattern represents the referral pattern

All practitioners provide Trigger Point Therapy.

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