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Garry Luke

Myotherapist / Remedial and Sports Massage Therapist

I’m Garry Luke. I work in the health industry as a Myotherapist. I’m known for helping people get out of pain fast and keeping them that way.  I'm great at helping active people overcome and prevent injuries and I also work effectively with chronic pain. I am the director and founder of Muscle Therapy Australia and I am proud to have such a great team of Muscle Therapists to work alongside of in the clinic.


I have been lucky enough to do a lot of work with top sporting teams including those from the NRL, AFL and national cricket. In 2010 I was honoured to be asked to write a new course for the NSW School of Massage, as part of their very successful Diploma of Remedial Massage. This year long course which I have also taught extends knowledge of anatomy and physiology for massage therapists and gives them a wider range of tools to treat injuries. In 2015 I was asked to expand this course and bring on other teachers to teach it as well.


Because of my commitment to integrated therapies, I also work closely with leading Sydney Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Dentists and Personal Trainers and have worked within Physiotherapy and Chiropractic/Osteopathic clinics.


Through my years as a health care provider I have recognised 3 fundamental problems that people face when it comes to musculoskeletal health: 

1. they are in pain

2. they have tried lots of things   

3. they can’t find the solution.


I have found that my combination of diagnostic abilities and the range of musculo skeletal techniques I have at my disposal means I have a very high success rate in bringing relief and restoring health. Just some of the specialities I draw on are ART (active release techniques), dry needling, myofascial release, deep tissue and trigger point therapies. I also have deep expertise in stretching and strengthening partly as a result of my background in Yoga and working closely with Physiotherapists and Personal Trainers. My experience is that this kind of diversity is rare, but it’s really necessary for success.  


I have found that being able to draw on many different approaches means I am not limited to one way of thinking. When you come and see me I wiil be sure to fix your pain and then go after the cause. I can be targeted and focussed on a particular injury and then once the pain and dysfunction is alleviated I work on finding the root cause of the issue so that it doesn't recur. This is often a dysfuction in the myofascial system with mobility, a stability issue or a chronic overuse problem.


As a massage trainer and teacher I am passionate about educating and inspiring Remedial massage therapists and Myotherapists to provide a systematic treatment of injuries. My big passion in remedial massage and Myotherapy is to have it become a recognised primary treatment for soft tissue injuries. As a passionate health care provider I believe there has never been a better time for people to take control of their health and well being.When people are in control of their health they can live a happier and more stress free life and world full of happy and relaxed people is a world I want to live in.


- Working with leading NRL, AFL and cricket teams
- Being chosen to develop and teach the advanced remedial massage course as part of the diploma of remedial massage for the NSW school of massage.

- Assistant teacher of Active Release Techniques Australia
- 17 years experience delivering quality Muscle Therapy
- associated with leading physiotherapists and chiropractors
- treating 1000's of satisfied clients.

- owning and managing Muscle Therapy Australia since 2014

- Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy

- Diploma of Remedial Massage
- Certificate 4 Massage
- Full body certified Active Release Techniques Provider (Upper, Lower, Spine, Nerve, Level2 and Masters)
- Advanced Myofascial Dry Needling Accredited Provider
- Diploma of Yoga Teaching (3 Year course)
- Anatomy Trains Myofascial release with Thomas Myers

- Onsen Technique accredited

- SFMA level 1 and 2 accredited

My passion is working with people and helping them overcome pain. Whether acute or chronic. As a practitioner I believe you should never stop learning and as the human body is so complicated there is always more to learn, discover as well as keeping up to date with the latest developments.


Here are some of the courses I have completed:

- Dry Needling Masterclass (CPD training courses) Nov 2022

Advanced Dry Needling  refresher (CPD training courses)  Aug 2022

- Stuart McGill training Feb 2020

- SFMA level 2 Nov 2019

- Kinesiology Tape Level 1 & 2 July 2018

- Masters A.R.T with A.R.T creator Mike Leahy June 2018

- Recertification A.R.T Upper Limb August 2017

- Masters A.R.T with A.R.T creator Mike Leahy July 2017

- Level 2 ART Lower Limb July 2017 - With Mike Leahy (Creator of A.R.T)

- Recertification ART Spine 2016 & 2017

- Recerification ART lower limb 2016

- ART complex protocols recertification with Mike Leahy (creator of A.R.T) - 2015

- SFMA level 1 March 2015

- ART Complex Protocols Feb 2015

- World Massage conference 2014

- ART Long Nerve Entrapment 2014

- Onsen Technique Level 1 2013
- ART lower body 2013
- Ben Benjamin Orthopaedic Massage techniques for the neck 2013

- Dynamic Taping (type of kinesiology tape) 2013
- Joseph Muscolino Joint Mobilisation Course 2012
- ART Spine 2012
- Thomas Myers Anatomy Trains Body reading 101 course 2011 (Myofascial Release)
- Thomas Myers Anatomy Trains Pelvis Master Class 2011 
(Myofascial Release)
- Thomas Myers Anatomy Trains Neck Master Class 2011 (Myofascial Release)

- Thomas Myers Fascial Fitness 2011 (Myofascial Release)
- ART Upper body 2011
- Myofascial Dry Needling 2010
- ATMS Neck and shoulder course / Functional Massage 2009

Sporting Interests 

Growing up Garry played Rugby League and Cricket as a fast bowler. He also spent many years studying and practicing Yoga. These days he keeps fit cycling to work and going to the gym doing strength and conditioning training and mobility. 

Active Release Techniques

Director and pricipal practitioner 

Adv Dip. Myo, Dip RM, Full Body Cert ART, Dip Yoga, Cert MDN

Services Offered

- Myotherapy

- Remedial Massage

- Sports Massage

- Active Release Techniques (A.R.T)

- Myofascial Dry Needling

- I.A.S.T.M (instrument assisted soft      tissue manipulation)

- Kinesio Taping

- Deep Tissue Massage

- Cupping 

- Onsen Technique

- Stretching and Strengthening advice

- Postural Assessment

- Myofascial Release

- Trigger Point Therapy

- Muscle Energy Techniques

- PNF stretching

- Yoga

- Meditation

Garry is incredibly professional and truly knows his stuff. I felt very much treated as an individual not just another body or symptom - felt very much that I had found the right person  - Susan Tremont

I had no idea what Muscle Therapy was, or what to expect before my first appointment. Every other 'remedial massage' I had was relaxing but largely ineffectual. Not Garry's! It was anything but relaxing but it was SO effective. I was seeing an Osteo at the same time and thought the two would complement one another but I immediately cancelled all appointments with the Osteo after leaving Muscle Therapy's offices. Everything Garry did was logical, well explained and beneficial. I saw him once for TMJ and left being able to move muscles in my face I didn't know existed. He's professional and personable. I'd definitely recommend.

From (Anonymous)

Garry is a superb ART practitioner. Calling all triathletes, xfitters, F45/Barry’s, endurance athletes, lifeguards, and everyone else in the Sydney area. Go here to help find peak function. An enthusiastic two thumbs up! 👍🏻👍🏻

Rod McClave - Triathlete coach and retired Pro Triathlete. 

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