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Do you have HICAPS?

We sure do!
All practitioners at Muscle Therapy Australia are registered with all of the health funds so you can rest assured that you can claim a portion of you cost of treatment back. For your convenience we also have HICAPS, on the spot claiming. So all you need to do is pay the gap at the end of your visit. 


Please note that you will need to have extras cover with cover for Remedial Massage and/or Myotherapy. Some health funds have Myotherapy in with Physiotherapy so remedial and Myotherapy are seperate. So you can use both for a Myotherapist as they are also Remedial massage therapist. So when Remedial runs out you can use Myotherapy. So you will get double the cover. 


Also note that you cannot claim under any other modality such as Physio, Chiro or Osteo. We also cannot claim under anyone else on your card. This is considered fraud. 
For more info on how much you will get back or how much you have left please contact your health fund as different funds and different levels of cover offer different amounts. 

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