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Terms and Conditions of booking an appointment



Once you make the appointment please note that it is your responsibility to keep it and arrive on time. If you  cancel within 24 hours of your appointment then a 50% fee will be charged to you, payable within 7 days either in person at your next appointment or online.


If you forget on the day and miss your appointment or fail to give at least 3 hours notice then you will be charged the full fee. 


This fee will need to be paid at your next appointment, on the phone via credit card or through the website via credit or paypal and you will have 7 days to pay. We're sure you will understand as if you miss your appointment it means another client who is on the wait list will miss out and as we are a client based business we also lose income. 


Failure to pay this fee may result in debt recovery action and nobody wants to go down that path. 


Our system is automated and will sign you up to our weekly newsletter that gives you info on our weekly available appointments, news around the clinic and also the latest blogs we have written.

This system is opt out, so if you would prefer to not receive these emails please unsubscribe when you receive it. With an automated system errors can be made, please be patient with us if an error is made and you aren't removed from the mailing list.

By making this appointment you agree to our terms of use.


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