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Sports Massage Sydney
Sports Massage
Sports massage is an effective form of treatment that involves techniques such as deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, functional massage, dry needling, myofascial cupping and active release techniques (A.R.T).
Sports massage can be approached from different angles. Generally it is used for sports people or people who exercise regularly. Pre and post game massage will be lighter and more of a warm up. When treating an injury, the massage techinques will be the same as Remedial massage. Sports massage can help you become less prone to injury by making muscles healthy and supple. Recovery time can also be improved so you don't spend days/weeks after your training in pain.
Pre event and post event sports massage
At Muscle Therapy Australia we are passionate about helping you achieve your goals. Whether it is your first half marathon, triathlon or ultra - marathon we have the experience and skills to help you  be your best. Having regular sports massage whilst training can help your performance, recovery and also injury prevention. Having treatment after your event can also help to speed up your recovery and also reduce the feeling of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). 
Sports we are experienced with:
- Running. From a few K's to ultra marathons. 
- Cycling
- Crossfit 
- Powerlifting & Olympic Lifting
- Ironman
- Ocean swimming
- Soccer (yes we know it's football)
- Rubgy Union and League
- Cricket
- Athletics
- Dragonboating
- Rowing
Clients often ask what the difference between sports massage and remedial massage and the short answer is generally none. It really depends on the practitioners knowledge of sports and exercise. 

Here at Muscle Therapy Australia all practitioners are trained in sports massage and injury management and are all interested in exercise.



Sports massage Sydney

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