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Will the treatment hurt?


Firstly all practitioners at Muscle Therapy Australia will work within your pain tolerance and wont cause you unnecessary pain. If you feel as though the pressure is too much then please tell your practitioner and they will vary accordingly. Alternatively if the pressure isn't hard enough then you also tell your practitioner and they will increase the pressure. All of our practitioners will ask you throughout the treatment so as to tailor the treatment to you.


Techniques such as Active Release, Trigger Points, deep tissue and Fascial Manipulation will focus on releasing painful adhesions so this can be a little uncomfortable.


Dry needling can leave you with a heavy or cramping feeling for a few hours up to a couple of days. This should alleviate, leaving you feeling a reduction in your original symptoms. 


Remedial massage is by no means a relaxing massage, even though some elements of it can be. Depending on you pain threshold you may experience some pain through your session at Muscle Therapy Australia.


You may feel tender or sore the next day but you should also feel your original pain has gone or is different.



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