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7 reasons you need a personal trainer

If you go to the gym and train by yourself only then it may be time to consider bringing on board a personal trainer. Especially if you aren't making any headway with your goals or you feel bored in the gym. A trainer can be the spark that gets you inspired to look after your health. If you do have a personal trainer then you will know these benefits but it’s worth reading anyway as you will need to be reminded of these after a big workout because you may hate your personal trainer from the pain inflicted. Keeps you accountable. If you have specific fitness needs such as losing weight, gaining muscle, becoming fitter or training for a specific event like a marathon then having a personal tr

Can you relax?

There is a lot of focus these days on getting enough exercise and eating well but what about relaxation? We have guidelines as to how much exercise we need, what to eat, how much water to drink etc but there are no guidelines as to how much time we need to spend per day relaxing. After just coming back from holidays I can really see just how busy our lives are. Taking a break can give you that perspective as when you are in it you get so used to how busy you are that it is easy to think that this is normal. What happens when we relax? When you relax your body goes into a parasympathetic nervous system state which is the opposite to the fight or flight response or stress response. The benefit

Have you used your Health Fund Rebates?

The year is rapidly coming to an end and with it your chance to use up you health fund rebates. A lot of people don't realise that they may have hundred of dollars sitting for them in there health fund waiting to be used. These are your rebates to use freely so you may as well use them as come January 1 2016 they reset and you will lose any outstanding rebates you had available. The good news for all of those people whose health fund rebates ran out long ago is that they will begin again January 1 and you can claim a portion of your treatment back once again. Yay! A lot of clients ask what is the best health fund to go with as far as rebates for Remedial Massage. The best at this stage is AH

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