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Happiness and its causes conference 2019 - Part 2

Part 2 - Thea O'Connor on Body Intelligence (BQ), Drew Harrisberg (Exercise Physiologist ) on his 6 S's to happiness and Dr Elissa Epel on chronic stress and Telomeres. Thea O'Connor Thea O’Connor is a work wellbeing advisor and spoke of ‘BQ' ( body intelligence) and the ability to be present in our bodies and listen to it. Body intelligence (BQ) Ability to notice sensations in the body Ability to listen to our body (signals given) Ability to respond without over riding the signals We have this ‘more is better’ or ‘no pain no gain’ mentality, pushing ourselves to the limit. We need to learn to trust our bodies more, listen. When hungry, eat. When tired, rest. When you’re not sure of a decisi

Happiness and its causes conference 2019 - Part 1

Part 1 - Michael Mosley This week I attended the Happiness & Its Causes conference at the International Convention Centre Sydney (apparently the worlds’ largest conference in happiness and wellbeing!) and I couldn’t resist sharing some key take-outs with you. Ok perhaps quite a few take-outs! If you’re tight for time just skim the dot points by some speakers. If I were to call out some buzzwords from the day, I’d say nurture relationships, have self compassion, recover well, eat the rainbow (natural as possible), exercise, mindfulness, meditation, kindness and manage good v bad stress. The opening speaker was UK’s Dr Michael Mosley, famous for writing the best selling 5:2 diet book which he

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