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Active Release Techniques or A.R.T as it is known is a very precise soft tissue treatment technique that involves diagnosis and treatment at the same time. The techniques involve a client moving whilst the practitioner works through adhesions in the muscle, fascia, ligaments, nerves or tendons.


The movement helps to break up scar tissue, release adhesions, break down densified soft tissues, release trigger points in muscles, release nerve impingements and also improve the range of motion and function of the muscles, nerves and connective tissue.


Active release techniques were created by an American Chiropractor who was working with professional athletes who needed to perform and couldn't be waiting around for standard treatments such as Physiotherapy to work. He devised specific soft tissue techniques that helped these athletes to get back in the game fast and perform better than they had before.


A.R.T is known for helping people with chronic pain that hasn't responded to anything else.


Garry is full body certified in A.R.T


Active release techniques achilles tendonitis
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