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Can your pelvis or back really be out?

This is a question that comes up all the time in clinic. People have often been told their hips, pelvis or back is out. For most people this means that there is some pain in the back or pelvic area. You may feel some tightness or pulling in back or hips that may feel like you are being pulled out of alignment. But what is really happening? You may sleep in a funny position, bend, twist or lift something heavy in an awkward position and you feel a sharp pain in your lower back. Many people have been to a Chiro or Physio that will just put your back back in. This is an oversimplification of what is happening. In reality there is nothing in your back that is going “out”. For this to happen you

Should you crack your joints?

Do you crack your joints? If so you’ve probably wondered if it is good for you. It usually gives you a satisfying pop or crack so it can't be that bad right. If you don't crack your joints then you probably find it horrifying that people do it. There is that one guy in the office that incessantly cracks his neck as though his trying to remove his own head. What is cracking? Cracking or popping of a joint is basically moving the two ends of a joint away from each other (cavitation) which will then release the nitrogen gas within it. The release of this gas creates the popping sound. It can be hard to believe that this sometimes loud sound can come from a simple gas release but you could liken

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