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12 Week Office Warrior Program


Do you spend your day slumped in front of a computer? 

Do you have neck and back pain?

Headaches? Feeling lethargic?

Well our 12 week program is your ticket to break the cycle of bad posture and end pain for good!


What you get?

  • A weekly Muscle Therapy session to release all of your sore spots and stretch out those tight muscles.

  • A weekly postural exercise session to target where you need to strengthen your body to allow you to sit for long periods at a desk and survive the office environment.

  • Access to advice and coaching on how to sit, what not to do and exercises you should be doing in the office and at home.



1 x 1 hour treatment session + 1 x 45 minute exercise session for 12 weeks = only $2484 paid in week payments. Uusually $2760, save $276

Sydney remedial Massage
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