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Don't let pain be the only reason you get treatment.

When do you you usually get soft tissue treatment/massage? Is it when those pesky headaches come one or when that pain in the knee rears its ugly head? Or do you like to prevent pain coming on in the first place by having regular maintenance treatment? It is in our nature to leave things until they are bad before we will seek help. Just like with our cars most people will take their cars to the mechanic only when the car is playing up rather that booking it in for regular scheduled maintenance. Our bodies are much more valuable that our cars (some people may disagree) so it is just as important to get our body in for a regular maintenance treatment. You don't wait until you are smelly before

5 easy changes to stand up straight.

Can you stand up straight? If you've ever been at a bus stop watching people standing and waiting for a bus you would be forgiven for thinking that we've all reverted into apes. Slumped shoudlers, forward heads, one hip pushed out to the side, sound familiar? Well here are some tips on how you can change all of that whilst you wait for that bus to comeor at your stand up desk. With the increase of stand up desks it has never been more important to have good standing posture. Firstly take stock of how you are currently standing. The ideal posture has your ears, shoulders, hips, knees and ankle bones all in alignment if looking at your posture from the side. Most people wont have this posture

3 words for a healthy 2016

As we enter the new year it’s a great time to think about our health goals for 2016. Setting an intention before setting off on an endeavour is a powerful way of keeping on track. Our health is the most important thing we have so making this top priority is essential to a healthy life. One of the things that has resonated for me is having 3 words to keep in mind. Having 3 simple words gives a focus for your goals and can act as an anchor to bring you back to your goals when you might come unstuck (Easter is only a few months away people :) ). My 3 words are: Commit: this means setting goals and sticking to them. Having a training plan and showing up every day. Endure: trying to push through

3 stretches you need to do daily if you sit at a desk all day.

Chest stretching This is an easy one. Find a doorway and you’re off. Bend the elbow to 90 degrees, elbow into the doorway. Turn your body to the opposite side, turning the neck to the same side. Hold for 30 seconds each side. Hip flexor stretching The hip flexors are often overlooked when it comes to stretching. If you sit all day then your hip flexors will become shortened and tight, especially if you sit so your knees are higher than your hips. This will use the hip flexors muscles even more and also shorten them more. Try this one: Stand up and hold onto your chair. Bend one leg and take hold of the ankle so the knee is bent. Pull the heel towards the buttock. Now pull back more on the an

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