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The Hip bone's connected to the back bone...

You’ve likely heard this kids song before, simply guiding you through the body parts and how they are connected to each other. And guess what? It’s true! All of these body parts are connected. The knee bone’s connected to the, the thigh bone’s connected to the Hip bone, the hip bone’s connected to the back bone and so on… This post takes a look at how important the hips in relation to the lower back and how reliant the back is on the hips mobility and stability to create a strong centre in the body. First comes the anatomy The hip joint is made up of the femur bone which is the upper leg bone connecting into the pelvis which becomes the hip socket. The major muscles of the hips are the Glute

What is Trigger Point Therapy?

Trigger point therapy is a soft tissue technique that works to release painful, tension in muscles and fascia that you would usually experience as a knot in the muscle. There are many different approaches to trigger point therapy including soft tissue work, deep tissue massage, dry needling and ischemic pressure. What is a trigger point? A trigger point is basically a really sore point in a muscle when you push on it or what most people would call a knot. You know that bit of the muscle when you are rubbing your tight shoulders that just doesn't feel right and really hurts? When a trigger point is very sensitive it can cause pain without being pressed on and this is a major cause of muscular

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