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What's the deal with Cupping and those red marks on your back?

What do you know about cupping, besides that it tends to leave red purple circle marks on peoples back? There are basically 2 types of cupping. The traditional Chinese medicine (T.C.M) version and the more modern Myofascial Cupping technique. Traditional cupping is an ancient traditional Chinese medicine practice that involves applying cups to the skin, whereby pressure is reduced using heat or suctioning out air to create a vacuum of skin and superficial muscle/fascia is held in the cup. It’s not a new practice and has been around for centuries, apparently dating back to 281 A.D! However cupping has been popularised recently when Olympian swimmer Michael Phelps sported this around the pool,

5 reasons why getting a sports massage after your running event is a great idea.

With the running season upon us and many running events popping up it is a good time to think about what you do after the event. You’ve trained hard for the last few gruelling months, some longer, for your big event. You completed it with a personal best time. And then it’s over. What now? Do you just keep on running? Well for some that is exactly what they do, but it can be a smart idea to get a post event treatment a few days after the event to help with recovery and get you back on track for the next event. Here are 5 reasons you should definitely get a post event treatment. It will make you feel better. Your legs will be feeling heavy and sore. You may be limping along like the wounded s

Do you use your gym form in everyday life?

Do you focus on your technique at the gym? I assume that the answer is yes. Most people spend ages scrutinising every aspect of their form when it comes to exercises like deadlifts and squats. This is with good reason as when lifting weights with poor form you can seriously injure yourself. Does this carry on into your everyday life at home and at work? Do you drop a pen on the ground and then squat down with perfect form to pick it up or do you just bend over and pick it up without thinking about it? Do you use perfect form to put on your shoes or wash the dishes, keeping the back and neck straight? Do you squat down into and out of your chair or do you just flop down into it with careless

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