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Frequently asked questions

Are you open for massage in the pandemic?

What is Muscle Therapy?


Do you have HICAPS?


Can I claim my private health insurance?


Do you take American Express (AMEX)?


Do you charge fees for Credit Cards and AMEX?


What is different about what we do?


What is Remedial Massage? 


What is Active Release Techniques?


How is Active Release Techniques different to other treatments?


What is Dry Needling?


What is the difference between Dry Needling and Acupunture?


What can Remedial Massage help?


What should I wear to a treatment?


Does Remedial Massage hurt?


Will I be sore afterwards?


Should I drink water after a treatment?


Should I have massage before or after I exercise?


I want to go to the gym after my treatment. Is that a good idea?


Is Remedial massage safe?


Is your treatment like Thai or Chinese massage?


Do I need to make an appointment?


Do you offer massage in the office?



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