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Will I be sore afterwards?


This is a question we get asked all the time and it is really dependant on the injury you have, your personal pain threshold and also whether or not you have had treatment before.


The work we do can be quite firm and deep and therefore some people may feel sore for the next day or two. This is perfectly normal and should be experienced like muscle soreness from the gym. If you increased your exercise at the gym or went for a really long walk you would expect to be sore for the next day or two. As we are manupulating and working the soft tisses of the body, thereby creating changes in them, this will have a lasting effect.


If you do feel pain afterwards, it will generally only be pain from the treatment itself and not the pain from your injury. There will be an inflammatory response, which is also normal and is the body's natural healing process, and this can also result in some redness, swelling, bruising or tenderness. Once the pain from the treatment has settled, you should experience a noticable reduction in your symptoms from the injury you came for treatment on.





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