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Should I have massage before or after I exercise?


This is a question that comes up all the time and is commonly put out there in the massage world. The short answer is yes, you should drink water after a treatment. In fact you should drink water all day as we all know.


The common reason put forward for this is that during a treatment a lot of waste byproducts will be entering the lymphatic system and then eventually your blood stream to be filtered by your kidneys. Water is seen then to help the kidneys to flush out these inorganic waste products. So if this is the case then water after a treatment is recommended.


The classic idea that toxins are being released into your system is a little dramatic and not really proven scientifically so we try not to perpetuate this myth. If there were truly toxins being released then you would be very sick after a treatment and you would need more than a glass of water to help you. No one is ever able to say what these "toxins" are so we shouldn't be too afraid of them.


After treatment, clients often report feeling a bit thirsty or dehydrated as pain from the treatment could be causing this or there may be many other reasons.


So the short answer is we should all be drinking more water so why not choose to have some after your treatment.





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