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Goals for 2024!

As we begin a new year it is a great time to think about what we want to get out of this year. You may have already set some goals recently or you may hate the idea of needing a new year to set goals. Either way whether it is a new year that motivates you or just a new day it is great to verbalise these goals and get them out of your head and into action in your life.

As the saying goes “fail to plan…. plan to fail”. If you don’t start to plan these goals they will never move into action and you will always be saying “one day” and they will never happen. A good question to ask is “what is holding you back” and “ if you could have whatever you want what would it look like”.

Goals may include:

  • Losing/gaining weight

  • Getting stronger

  • Training for a sporting event

  • Taking up a sport

  • Getting on top of an injury or pain

  • Increasing mobility and/or flexibility

  • Playing a musical instrument

  • Taking up a hobby.

  • Learning a language

  • Spending more time in nature

  • Taking up Yoga or Meditation

  • Getting emotional/mental support by seeing a therapist or joining a support group

  • Planning to travel

  • Spending more time with the kids while they are young

This by no means is an exhaustive list but within this list are many things we can try and add into our lives to make them happier and more meaningful.

On behalf of the Muscle Therapy Australia team we wish you the best possible 2024 you can have and hope that you achieve your goals.

If your goals are fitness related then we would love to help you achieve these. If you have an injury that is stopping you doing what you love then we are here to help. One of our major missions is to help people to achieve their goals. So book in now to get moving on your goals.


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