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Public transport posture or Screen Slump.

Have you ever noticed how people sit on public transport or should I say slump? Some commuters appear as though they don't even have muscles to hold them up as they pour into their seat like liquid. Whether on the bus, train or ferry you see people every day slouched over their smart phones and tablets. This adds even more stress to the over worked and over stretched muscles and joints of the neck, upper back, lower back and hips. I have often wondered why we take the approach of holding these devices so far away from the area of the body that we need to view them, the eyes. There was an episode of the animated TV show Futurama that had Bender the robot character turn into a human. In his ro

7 ways you can improve your posture right now.

Your posture tells a lot about you. It reveals part of the story of your life that can't be hidden, it is on display for all to see. Your posture is how you present yourself to the world. Some postural issues are genetic and there isn't very much we can do about it but most of our posture comes from what we do and have done on a daily basis throughout our lives. If you spend the day slumped in front of a computer and then the night slumped in front of the TV it is no stretch to imagine your posture will be well… slumped. Likewise if you stretch regularly, go the gym and live an active life then it is highly likely you will have upright, balanced posture. If you want to improve your posture (

What is Myofascial Release?

There are really 2 parts to this question. What is Myofascial release as a technique and what is Myofascial release as a theory. As a theory it is reasonably easy to explain. Myofascial release is basically soft tissue massage that incorporates the muscles and the fascia. Myo is Latin for Muscle and fascia is the tissue that surrounds, entwines and supports the muscles, organs, nerves, bones and also blends to become ligaments and tendons. So by using the term myofascia we are taking into consideration that we are working on more than just the muscle tissueas well as being seen as a more holistic approach to the whole body. Muscle is made up of collagen and elastin fibres and these fibres ru

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