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What to do for Piriformis Syndrome

In this video Garry Luke demonstrates some extremely effective Active Release Techniques for releasing the Piriformis muscle and also mobilising the sciatic nerve which is usually involved in this injury.

Piriformis syndrome can be a poorly understood injury. Often overlooked by the medical industry and Physios. Often it can be misdiagnosed as a intervertebral disc or spinal issue, which it definitely can be. But if those issues are ruled out then the Piriformis and other deep lateral rotators of the hip should be considered such as the Gemellis and Quatratus Femoris.

If the nerve becomes compressed by piriformis tightness and/or adhesions then deep buttock pain, tingling or numbness down the leg can be experienced.


- deep pain in the buttock, usually just on one side

- numbness, tingling or burning locally in the buttock or down the leg

- weakness in the hip

- pain on rotation of the hip

Other things to avoid if you have these symptoms:

- having a big wallet or phone in your back pocket and sitting on it

- Sitting too much

- falling onto buttock

- sitting cross legged especially on leg over the other

It can be a good idea to get an MRI on the affected hip to rule out the sciatic nerve penetrating the piriformis muscle. This can happen in a small percentage of people and may require a more medical approach such as surgery.


- weakness in the glutes. If the glutes are weak then the piriformis muscle may be taking over and working harder than it should. Incorporating stabilising single leg exercises can help

- weakness in the internal rotators of the hip. Doing banded internal hip rotations can help allow the piriformis to let go.

- core weakness. Again the hip muscle have to work harder.

- stiffness in the lower back. The hip muscle have to work harder and perform more movement.

The best thing to do with this injury is to have an assessment and treatment from a professional such as ourselves.


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