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7 reasons you need a personal trainer

If you go to the gym and train by yourself only then it may be time to consider bringing on board a personal trainer. Especially if you aren't making any headway with your goals or you feel bored in the gym. A trainer can be the spark that gets you inspired to look after your health.

If you do have a personal trainer then you will know these benefits but it’s worth reading anyway as you will need to be reminded of these after a big workout because you may hate your personal trainer from the pain inflicted.

  1. Keeps you accountable. If you have specific fitness needs such as losing weight, gaining muscle, becoming fitter or training for a specific event like a marathon then having a personal trainer encouraging you and giving you a plan will keep you on track to reaching those goals.

  2. Less chance of injuring yourself - we’ve all seen that guy in the gym doing some crazy exercise that looks like they are seconds away from the emergency room. Don't be that guy (or girl). We all have blind spots when it comes to training in the gym. We think we know how best to do an exercise because we’ve done it for years. Well, that may just mean you've done it badly for years. When we train we are programming our bodies how to move. If we do that badly then we are programming our body to move incorrectly increasing our chances of injury over time. A personal trainer can monitor your form and make sure you are always going exercises safely reducing your chance of injury.

  3. Keeps your workout interesting - If you always do the same thing in the gym then at some point you will get bored. A personal trainer will mix things up and see that your whole body is getting worked not just the guns (guys).

  1. It’s more fun training with someone else - lets face it. It can get repetitive and boring if you are always training in the gym by yourself. Having another person there who knows what they are doing can be the difference between turning up at the gym and not going.

  2. Track your progress - a good personal trainer will be able to monitor your progress and show you how you have reached goals. This is so motivating and will keep you moving forward.

  3. Help your injury recovery - if you have an injury then a good Personal Trainer will be able to assess where your strengths and weaknesses are and help retrain them. A personal trainer usually spends more time with you than a Physiotherapist or health care practitioner so they may have a better idea of what may be causing your injury and how to help it. A good personal trainer can also refer you for treatment and talk to the health care practitioner meaning you get the best level of care.

  4. For optimum health - you can see personal training as an investment in your health. Most people will pay the mechanic to keep their car running smoothly, or the broker to keep there financial investments ticking along. Well without health we won't have a car or money. Health is the primary necessity in life as without it we don't have a life. Spend a good portion of your money on looking after your health and you’ll spend less in the long run going to doctors and taking medication.

So there you have it. If you already see a personal trainer then you will know the many benefits of it. If not then it is a serious consideration and investment in your health. Especially if you are overweight or feeling stiff and sore all over from sitting down and being sedentary.

At Muscle Therapy Australia we have a large network of personal trainers over Sydney as they trust us with looking after their body. We would be happy to put you in touch with the right Personal Trainer based on your needs. So please mention it to your practitioner when next in clinic or feel free to shoot us an email at or call on 02 9233 5769. Make the change today.

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