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How often should you have treatment?

How often should I get a treatment?

This is a question we get asked all the time and is a logical question when thinking about the nature of your injury or pain. This really depends on the reason you are coming into clinic in the first place.

  • people who are injured and need more regular treatment

  • people who are seeking maintenance of their injury/pain

  • People who want a regular session for prevention of injury/pain

Here is what we recommend:

Acute injury

An acute injury is an injury that has just happened such as a strain in the neck when you wake up in the morning from a bad nights sleep. When this injury occurs it recommended to have a few quick sessions back to back that will speed up the recovery process. This is continued until the pain/injury has reduced significantly. Different injuries respond differently to treatment so there is only ever a guide and never set in stone.

Chronic injury

A chronic injury is when a pain or injury has been there for over 3 months. After this time the injury is showing that it needs attention. By treating regularly, once per week, this will help to release the injured tissues and bring about healing. As the pain levels reduce and function returns you can move into a maintenance program.


After an injury the possibility of re-injury are high. Most people who visit our clinic in pain have been injured within the last 6 months so this goes to show how regularly your pain may “flare up”. The reasons for this are varied. You may not have rehabbed the injury properly, it may have not been fixed in the first place or you are re-aggravating it by repetitive actions, poor posture, gym, exercise or lack of exercise.

A monthly session can help to break up the scar tissue that will have reformed after your injury, address any new injuries and work on improving your posture.


In an ideal world this is really where everyone should be who comes in for treatment. If we were to have regular treatment sessions then our likelihood of ru-injury will be reduced. We can address any injuries that may be brewing. Just like going to the dentist for a check up or a mechanic for a car service, a regular muscle therapy check up can improve your health and well being immensely.

I Just want a massage

Long hours at the desk, too much exercise, I just want a massage! And why not. You are allowed to just have a treatment. We do recommend a regular session but this may not always work out for each individual. As long as you are having some treatment then you are investing in your health and wellness.

So there you have it depending on you needs there is a treatment plan to suit everyone. The old saying “fail to plan, plan to fail” comes to mind here as having a solid treatment plan, even if that is a regular monthly session, means you have taken control of your regular pain.

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