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What's all the buzz about Active Release Techniques (A.R.T)?

Whats all the buzz about A.R.T? You may have never heard of it or maybe someone you know has mentioned it or has had great results from it. And no it has nothing to do with painting or sculpting. For the lowdown read on. Active release techniques are very specific soft tissue techniques that use precise pressure and tension created by the practitioner at specific places on the body whilst the client moves to release adhesions and dysfunctions in the soft tissues such as muscle, fascia and ligaments. Sometimes the practitioner may also move your body when the movement is complicated or you find it difficult. You can think of it as a pin and stretch technique but taken to a very specific level

Where are your headaches really coming from?

Do you suffer from headaches? Most of us do from time to time whether it’s stress related, not enough water or too much indulgence (alcohol or coffee). But did you know that headaches can be coming from the soft tissues in your neck, back, head and jaw? These can be in the form of trigger points in the muscles, restrictions or adhesions in the myofascia (muscle and fascia), tightness that irritates the nerves in the scalp and jaw as well as joint irritation in the cervical spine or the jaw. So before you reach for the panadol or nurofen you should consider having some professional soft tissue treatment that can address these potential causes. Trigger points in a muscle can be a major cause o

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