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5 reasons why getting a sports massage after your running event is a great idea.

With the running season upon us and many running events popping up it is a good time to think about what you do after the event. You’ve trained hard for the last few gruelling months, some longer, for your big event. You completed it with a personal best time. And then it’s over. What now? Do you just keep on running? Well for some that is exactly what they do, but it can be a smart idea to get a post event treatment a few days after the event to help with recovery and get you back on track for the next event.

Here are 5 reasons you should definitely get a post event treatment.

  1. It will make you feel better. Your legs will be feeling heavy and sore. You may be limping along like the wounded soldier you are. Having a massage will help to bring nutrients to the muscles by stimulating blood flow as well as flushing through all of the by products that have been built up through your run, through your lymphatic system. The lymphatic system doesn't have a pump like the heart so movement and massage help to move this fluid back into the bloodstream to be filtered by the kidneys.

  2. We can address any little niggles (pain) that you may have picked up from your training and also the event. You may think nothing of a sore knee, hip or ankle after the event but this will be your body telling you that something is going on. When you come in for treatment we will be able to address this and prevent it from turning into an injury.

  3. Massage has been shown to reduce inflammation. After a long run (especially a marathon or ultra marathon) you will get micro-tears in the muscle tissue (this will then become DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness) which is all very normal and happens with any form of exercise. This is the way the body adapts and changes. Having a sports massage after a long run can help this inflammation from getting out of control and speed up your recovery time. This means you will have less pain and will be able to get back to running asap. This will also extend your running life meaning you can run, without injury til your ripe old age.

  4. It can prevent runner anxiety. Getting treatment can make you feel more relaxed and also that you are doing something positive to help your running. That way you can be more relaxed about your running.

  5. Sports massage after an event can help to improve your flexibility. You may be feeling very stiff and immobile. Stretching out the soft tissues will help you feel more flexible and open afterwards.

  6. I know we said 5 reasons, but we couldn't resist a bonus 6th reason. You will become super human and start winning every race you enter a la Usain Bolt. Well, we can't guarantee this, but if it happens then we'd sure love to take credit for it :)

When should I have a Sports Massage after my event?

Generally it is a good idea to leave it a couple of days before having a sports massage as you may just be too sore to be touched any earlier. Some people like having them straight after the run whilst you are still warm. It can also be beneficial in speeding up recovery. Remember that the healing process will take a little bit of time to kick in, so getting the massage 2 days later will be when the pain is really kicking in, so it can be of more benefit to you then.

So there you go. If you still need convincing that having a sports massage after your running event then you will have to try it for yourself. We think you will be pleasantly surprised as we treat many runners with great results.

Don't just stop there. We highly recommend that if you are a serious runner, you make sports massage a regular part of your training regime. This could be once a month or once a fortnight, depending on your needs. But making a positive move like this will help extend your running life and thats what we all want!

We are ready to help you reach your goals and be the best runner you can. So book in now for your post event session. Feel free to book online at a time that is convenient with you or call 02 9233 5769 during reception hours (9am- 5.30pm).

As always we love to hear feedback on our blog, so please feel free to get in touch with your positive running experience on how sports massage has helped.

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