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I started going to Muscle Therapy Australia a few months ago and I always come out feeling 100% better each time. I obtained a shoulder injury from birth which limits the movement in my right arm, and my therapist Oliver is kind, experienced, professional, listens to my problems and helps to give my arm more movement. I don't know how he does it. He truly has magic hands. :D I'm no longer in so much pain and the increased movement in my arm is making my daily life actives much easier complete. I highly recommend Muscle Therapy Australia to anyone with muscle pain or movement issues. Also you get to listen to what ever music you want, which makes the whole experience even better! Thank you Oliver and Muscle Therapy Australia team. You're all truly amazing. <3 Carissa Lund-Conlon


I had a great treatment from Myotherapist, Anessa. She was informative, attentive, and made me feel great going into my boxing fight this weekend. Will definitely return to see her on a regular basis.

Meer Awny

Hanna Porseland at Muscle Therepy - one word - Amazing! If you like feeling ache free and pain free this is the girl to see! Tyler Coates

I cannot speak highly enough of Oliver. I intended to book in for a remedial massage to relieve the knots in my neck and shoulders. After describing my symptoms , Oliver suggested we try Active Release Techniques (A.R.T). My neck and shoulders have never felt better. I walked out of there with more movement than I have had in years and the pain and discomfort I had been suffering had all gone in 30 minutes. I have visited a physio in the past and have never had such good results. Highly professional. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Oliver Keates to anyone with  pain. Sheridan Taylor

I was experiencing shoulder pain for a few months whilst weight training. it was stopping me from lifting weights, then I went to see Oliver Keates, he was able to fix it in 3 sessions. And now I am back to full training pain free, and happy. Kevin Liu

"Having had previous issues with lower leg and knee injuries as a result of consistent running, I initially met with Garry for a 30minute appointment to assess options for treatment and ongoing maintenance to allow me to increase my training load for long distance triathlons. Since this initial session I have worked with Gary weekly during the last two race seasons to treat specific reoccurring niggles in my lower legs; for recovery and as a preventative measure to mitigate against injury. This has benefited my training and allowed me to train to my full potential without disruptions that injuries cause. Working with Gary I have been able to improve my performance over half and full distance Ironman triathlon, this year qualifying in my age group for the Ironman World Championships in Kona Hawaii." Steve Eccleston, Amateur Ironman


I want to share a very special remedial massage experience with everyone. I saw Hannah at Muscle Therapy Australia, because I had twisted my spine moving heavy boxes under the house, bent double, with an already troubled arthritic spine.

Hannah was amazing. She listened well and got to work checking on the strength of her massage . I felt really comfortable instantly with her skills, quiet knowing confidence and her knowledgeable intuition. She moved around my whole body, not just focussing on the troubling spots, but where I'd tightened to compensate. She also had the right balance between silence and engaging with me. 

Unlike many experiences I have had in the past, I left feeling a great freedom of movement, completely relaxed and I've had no after inflammatory pain, as I often do from firmer interventions ( my body's own reaction ) . 

I highly recommend her to anyone needing relief from pain, or just a tune up. I feel completely at ease now in my body from only one session.

Dinah Berlin


Jo works wonders! I first saw her in the run-up to a half marathon when I was particularly stiff and she was able to identify quickly exactly what kind of massage I'd need to sort out various niggles. She's also great at helping to remedy that office posture of mine and providing simple advice for stretches to do at home. Highly recommended and great value.

David Pack

Garry has a very detailed knowledge of what's hidden under our skin. He listened carefully, then used his knowledge and skillful techniques to firmly but gently (ie I was not sore or bruised the next day from the treatment) to alleviate the tightness and soreness.  He's fantastic. Thanks Garry Krista Gerrard


Richard was a genius. I went with some specific shoulder pain and he isolated the cause. I walked out sore from the specific treatment, but all my other pain was gone instantly. I've been to a sports body worker before who was great, but this was far better. I'm going back again this week and will be seeing him regularly for maintenance. Highly recommend!!

Georgina Woodley


As a former massage therapist myself, I'm extremely picky about the therapists I go and see. I find Gary and the whole team such a (literal) relief. You won't find better knowledge and practice in a team of therapists in Sydney. Seriously - highly recommended. Owen Hutchins

"Seeing Garry throughout my two pregnancies has helped keep many of the standard aches and pains at bay. I really notice the difference if I am unable to make my regular appointment with him. I would highly recommend Garry if you are pregnant and suffering with aches and pains."

Katrina Moffat, Bronte


"I just had a great massage with Hanna! I'm a massage therapist and I don't get very many massages. If I do go for a massage I thoroughly research my therapist beforehand. Hanna lived up to my expectations and I will definitely be back.Leah Wesley, North Ryde


Hanna is a fantastic practitioner. She is a great balance between the firmness to get all the knots out but also the caring touch to feel soothed and rejuvenated afterwards. This is particularly beneficial at the moment as I am 36 weeks pregnant. I can't recommend Hanna enough for her skill and care. Elise Sernik, Balmain


I had no idea what Muscle Therapy was, or what to expect before my first appointment. Every other 'remedial massage' I had was relaxing but largely ineffectual. Not Garry's! It was anything but relaxing but it was SO effective. I was seeing an Osteo at the same time and thought the two would complement one another but I immediately cancelled all appointments with the Osteo after leaving Muscle Therapy's offices. Everything Garry did was logical, well explained and beneficial. I saw him once for TMJ and left being able to move muscles in my face I didn't know existed. He's professional and personable. I'd definitely recommend. From

I travel 45mins for muscle therapy with Richard. In the many months of niggles and injuries from weight training. Putting much faith into his caring methods and attention to detail. Healed yet again. Thank you Richard. Fady Ziade - Check out Rileys Gym


Richie is the best! His knowledge and ability to work the exact spots that you need is amazing. You MUST have a treatment with him. You will wonder why you didn't come sooner! Robyn Suttor,


Richie has been my therapist for 2 years now who I trust undoubtedly since my first treatment with him. He has won my loyality because he has the mix of sensitivity towards my personal needs as well as applying his knowledge to get results for my body to heal affectively. I continue to highly recommend him for such great understanding and amazing skills - thank you for everything! :) Amanda Claire Fisher


Garry is simply fantastic - went originally for Osteo-arthritic, post reco knee and was sceptical massage could help - walked out with a knee that felt 20yrs younger. Since then Garry has had a huge impact on lower back pain, assorted injuries and more recently the best pregnancy massage ever. Sacked my physio and only see Garry now - couldn't recommend him highly enough! 

Anna Shelley


I highly recommend Hanna for massage therapy. She took the time to understand the issues and pain I was having, relieved them through massage therapy, and also provided lots of helpful knowledge in my day to day to keep the issues from coming back. Looking forward to coming again soon.  Jay Marquardt

Easily the best remedial massage I have ever had. Garry has a knack for finding the real root of your issue and releasing all the tension. I highly recommend Garry or Hanna. Edwina Bevan

Garry Luke has been fantastic sorting out a few different issues I've experienced. Had a much better and faster result than from when I've seen Physio's and Osteo's in the past. Alex Horton


Hanna was amazing. Felt the difference immediately after the therapy. Definitely recommend it to anyone who has chronic back problems as me :) Vaishinavi Rajaraman​

I've come to Muscle Therapy Australia a couple of times and been treated by Hanna Porseland. She's enormously knowledgeable and always helpful. Highly recommend her. Jenna Trakman

Garry Luke is awesome!  I was dealing with some chronic aches and pains while traveling abroad and found Garry through a google search.  He has a great knowledge of the body, was able to squeeze me in for 2 active release technique sessions and offered several suggestions for me to use on my own when I returned home from traveling.  I will definitely be back during my next trip to Sydney! Danielle Martin, San Francisco 


I had three sessions with Richard, the treatment was painful but very effective. My back muscle pain slowly went away and I cannot believe it was so quick. A month later I can only say thank you! Mercedes Zucuto

I’m a fellow massage therapist and also a personal trainer; as such I take my body and fitness very seriously. I have suffered from ankle injuries and shoulder issues resulting from years of participating in sports and resistance training. Suffering from stiffness that limited my mobility, I sought out someone with great experience and an extensive knowledge of human body – I was referred to Muscle Therapy Australia. I have been receiving treatments/massage from Richie for the past three years. Seeing Richie was the best decision I’ve made. Immediately, after the first session, I noticed a great difference in pain levels and movement. I highly recommend that you book a session with him and see for yourself! Farid Shirazi, Sydney


Went there for the first time and had Richard as my therapist. He was fantastic, he explained what he was going to to, he would continuely check to ensure that the patient could handle the muscle manipulation and I came out feeling like a new person as all my knots were gone. Would highly recommend it! Jade Heng

These guys are amazing...Hannah has great knowledge and has ensured that I am prepared for North Face 100 injury free - thanks so much could not recommend them  highly enough! Steph Jackson

Garry is a fantastic practitioner and his knowledge is very extensive. He really listened to my problem and explained what he thought was going on and did great work to relieve my leg stiffness and tightness. The massage was great and I felt really good after the treatment. He gave me exercises to help me continue to improve, he was very caring and genuine. I recommend Garry highly to others as I am very confident he can help many others with a wide range of problems. Sharon Pfenninger


Hanna at Muscle therapy is focused and understands the body and how to work through it. For the first time I felt relieved and understood the power of massage. Thank you. Amy Chiu



Couldn't be more pleased with the specific remedial massage recently from Hanna . Highly recommend! Mal Peacock


"As an amateur athlete, I am subject to muscle aches and pains during and after training sessions. Garry has been good at identifying and rectifying my problem areas. Also he has provided me with lots of tips on injury prevention which has been helpful. Highly recommended." Ross Pulido



Hannah was great, really worked on manipulating my pain points and showed me pain points I didn't know existed! I am confident in booking with her to work through these. Definitely recommend! Karen Thorley



"I've been going here for a year now. Garry has helped me with a variety of muscle pains that have stemmed from my desk job and sports (gym, running, bjj etc). He does a great job with loosening stiff shoulders, tight neck, sore back, calves & quads." William Lam



I love Hannah at Muscle Therapy. She keeps my old body in good shape for the stress I put it under. Kyra Bennett



"Garry is the man with the magic hands (and elbows!). He is dedicated, passionate and highly qualified at what he does, with a reliable service that is on time every time. If you've been searching for "the one" massage therapist to mend your body then your search ends at Garry Luke" 

Jed Kram -



"Not only does Garry have healing hands, but his sound knowledge of musculo-skeletal anatomy makes his massages not only relaxing and therapeutic - but truly remedial as well. I highly recommend him." Carlos, Riverview



Richard Goncalves was able to make my knee pain disappear without the need for surgery, I highly recommend him. Glen Davis

I am so appreciative that I found Muscle Therapy Australia. Richie has been so helping in fixing my chronic pain and knee issues. He is the most knowledgable therapist I have ever met and you truly feel how much he cares about you and your wellbeing. He puts his all into every session and I have made tremendous improvements in a very short amount of time. Thank you MTA! Sam Nisenboim

Suffering from chronic upper back tension over nearly a year and the remedial massage therapy provided by Richard allowed to markedly diminish pain in 3 sessions providing sustained relief. In my particular case, this was a very satisfactory outcome. Benoit Droulez

I have been seeing various therapists for at least 15 years - Chiro's, Osteo's, Physio's  chinese massage etc. None of them have been as effective as Ritchie at Muscle Therapy Australia. His knowledge of the human body and how to manipulate it to gain better movement with less pain is second to none. Highly recommended. Cohen Baxter

Richard is great. Really goes out of his way to figure out what's causing the pain. Cindy Peng


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