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Tennis Elbow - Lateral Epicondylitis


Tennis elbow occurs on the outside of the elbow and is often the downfall of up and coming

tennis players. It is basically an overuse injury that can inflame or damage the extensor tendons

of the wrist and fingers.


Other causes can be too muscle work at a computer, other racquet sports, gym, weightlifting

and most sports that involve gripping.


Treatment involves releasing the wrist and finger extensors, the supinator muscle, the anconeus

and the triceps. Not to mention the other myofascial connections to the lateral elbow.


Dry needling can also help bring nutrients to the tendons and speed up the healing process.


Techniques that can help back pain include:

  • Sports & Remedial Massage

  • Active release techniques (ART)

  • Myofascial Release

  • Fascial Manipulation

  • Dry Needling

  • Trigger Point Therapy

  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Functional Massage.

Book in now and stop living in pain.

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