Do you use your gym form in everyday life?

May 6, 2018



Do you focus on your technique at the gym? I assume that the answer is yes. Most people spend ages scrutinising every aspect of their form when it comes to exercises like deadlifts and squats. This is with good reason as when lifting weights with poor form you can seriously injure yourself. 


Does this carry on into your everyday life at home and at work? Do you drop a pen on the ground and then squat down with perfect form to pick it up or do you just bend over and pick it up without thinking about it? Do you use perfect form to put on your shoes or wash the dishes, keeping the back and neck straight? Do you squat down into and out of your chair or do you just flop down into it with careless abandon. When gardening do you take a break from bending over between sets or do you just stay stooped over for hours?


Here’s the challenge, should you choose to accept it. Every movement you do, think about your form, regardless of how light the thing you are picking up off the floor or how simple the movement seems.

At Muscle Therapy Australia we see a lot of people injuring themselves mostly without exercising at the gym. We see people aggravating their lower back discs by bending over to tie up their shoes. We see shoulder impingements from getting a jar out of the cupboard or putting a shirt on in the morning. The difference here is that when you are in the gym you are more likely to be aware of your posture and form than you are when you are doing a menial task at home or in the office. These tasks can be just as dangerous and cause injuries. 


Heres some tips to try at home or in the office:


  • when bending over to pick something up off the floor, even if it is only light like a pen, use a perfect form squat or deadlift to p