Where are your headaches really coming from?

June 8, 2015


Do you suffer from headaches? Most of us do from time to time whether it’s stress related, not enough water or too much indulgence (alcohol or coffee).


But did you know that headaches can be coming from the soft tissues in your neck, back, head and jaw? These can be in the form of trigger points in the muscles, restrictions or adhesions in the myofascia (muscle and fascia), tightness that irritates the nerves in the scalp and jaw as well as joint irritation in the cervical spine or the jaw.


So before you reach for the panadol or nurofen you should consider having some professional soft tissue treatment that can address these potential causes.


Trigger points in a muscle can be a major cause of your headaches. A trigger point occurs when muscle tissue becomes tight and contracted. It then can become so sensitive that it actually refers pain to another area of the body. If you look at the pictures below you can see the red pattern that is the referral. The x is where the trigger point is and where we will be working as a practitioner.


Common Trigger Points:


  • Upper Trapezius Muscle - Trigger points casued by hunching at the desk, wearing heavy bags on one side, heavy weights overhead. As well as stress.
















  • Sternocleidomastoid - looking down while working at the desk. As well as stress.











  • Sub Occipital muscles - Forward head position from sitting at the desk. These muscles are supporing the head.











  • Occipitalis and Frontalis - Caused by tension in the scalp, long hours concentration at the computer screen. Raising the eyebrows and stress.


















  • Jaw muscles (temporomandibular joint) including: , Masseter, Digastrics, Pterygoid muscles - clenching the teeth, chewing gum, grinding, stress.

Temporalis                                                                          Lateral Pterygoid