Laura Johnson

Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist / Muscle Therapist

Dip Remedial Massage, Cert Dry Needling

Hi, I'm Laura. I am qualified Remedial Massage Therapist and apply a range of soft tissue modalities for the treatment of pain and inflammation resulting from acute or chronic injuries.

I like to  work closely with the nervous system to ensure a calm and relaxed inner state, encouraging the body to let go of unnecessary tension and find homeostasis (balance).

I believe in the power of acceptance of the current physical condition, accountability for the rehabilitation process and a positive mindset for recovery. 

I specialise in  Remedial Massage and Sports Massage and Dry Needling. 



- Diploma of Remedial Massage 

- Certificate in Dry Needling 


Sporting interests: 

I am passionate about movement and Yoga. 


Services Offered

- Remedial Massage

- Sports Massage

- Dry Needling

- Myofascial Release

- Deep Tissue Massage

- Myofascial Cupping

- Trigger Point Therapy

- Kinesiology Taping (K-Tape)

- Stretching and Strengthening       advice

- Postural and     Orthopaedic  Assessment

- Muscle Energy Techniques

- PNF stretching





8.00AM - 8.00PM

Site map


Suite 15 Level 4

88 Pitt St Sydney

NSW 2000

Ph: 02 9233 5769

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