Glenn Cox

Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist / Muscle Therapist

Dip Remedial Massage, Cert Dry Needling, Full Body A.R.T, Masters Ex Science

Hi, I'm Glenn. I grew up in Hong Kong, to a Chinese mother and Australian father. From a young age I've loved running, participating in both cross-county and athletics in high school. After completing my bachelor’s degree in Canberra, I returned to Hong Kong and competed at a national level as a 400m sprinter, whilst kickstarting my career as an athletics and triathlon coach. This eventually transitioned into studying a Masters of Exercise Science and moving into personal training. Through this my passion developed for helping people move painfree. I then studied Remedial massage, Active Release Techniques and Dry Needling which has enabled me to help my clients with serious injuries and movement issues. 

I am currently completing my Masters of Physiotherapy continuing to learn and develop my skills to help my clients further. 

I specialise in  Remedial Massage and Sports Massage, Active Release Techniques and Dry Needling. 



- Diploma of Remedial Massage 

- Full body certified Active Release Techniques (A.R.T)

- Certificate in Dry Needling 

- Masters of Exercise Science

- Cert 3 & 4 in Personal Training

I am passionate about continuing education and seek out the top experts around the world to learn from. Here are some of the recent courses I have completed or am completing:

- Completing Masters of Physiotherapy (2020)

- SFMA level1

- Poliquin Strength level 1&2

- Poliquin BioSignature Level 1

- Muscle Nerds 1

- Precision Nutrition level 1                           

Sporting interests: 

I am passionate about sport and movement. I have competed at a high level in Athletics and Triathlon. Other interests include:

- Surfing

- Photography

- Travel

- Running


Services Offered

- Remedial Massage

- Sports Massage

- Active Release Techniques (A.R.T)

- Dry Needling

- Myofascial Release

- Deep Tissue Massage

- Myofascial Cupping

- Trigger Point Therapy

- Kinesiology Taping (K-Tape)

- Stretching and Strengthening       advice

- Postural and     Orthopaedic  Assessment

- Muscle Energy Techniques

- PNF stretching