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Do you Calf it?

Your first question is most likely what on earth is calving it? This is basically just strengthening your calf muscles. So do you? If you do, then well done for helping out your ankle stability and foot strength. If you don't then you definitely should start incorporating some calf work into your workouts. Firstly what are the calves? A bit of anatomy... The calves are technically 3 muscles and for those real anatomy nerds out there you could actually call them the second triceps muscle in the body. The Triceps Surae as opposed to the Triceps Brachii in the upper arm/shoulder. Whilst I just said they are 3 muscles, they are in reality only 2 muscles. The gastrocnemius (which has 2 heads) and

Is your pillow causing your pain?

Let’s face it, we spend around a third of our lives asleep. Some people may spend their whole lives asleep but that is a different post. It is therefore logical to think that the things you are doing while you are sleeping will be contributing to your pain. If you are always sleeping in the same position then over a long period of time you will be always jamming up the same joints in your spine, shoulders and hips as well as compressing or stretching the soft tissues such as muscles, fascia, ligaments, joint capsules and tendons. The million dollar question - Which pillow should I use? If you ask a practitioner or bed sales person you will probably get many different answers, especially If t

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