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How well is your workplace?

We spend so much time at the office these days that if the environment is stressful on the body, mind and emotions then it will impact on life outside of work and most importantly our health and wellbeing. A few weeks ago we took a look at sitting and standing all day. This week I wanted to delve into some other facets that make up a healthy work environment. The cost to the workplace If a workplace has no wellness programs in place then the likelihood of things like muscle aches and pains, stress, poor diet and nutrition as well as team communication becoming a problem will be much greater. Effective workplace health and wellbeing programs can: Increase productivity at work by 29%. Improve

Conversations that shape us.

This week I thought I would share a podcast series that I think is really inspiring. It is titled "Conversations That Shape Us" and is basically a conversation with an inspiring leader, generally in the non-profit or social change sector. These talks are aimed at sharing insights into what it is to be a leader. They are relevant for anyone who has a role that involves working in a team or having the responsibility of leading. I feel this is relevant as part of our general health and well being, as we spend so much time at work that if our relationships are stressful with our team members then this will play on into our health creating effects such as stress and tension. The podcast series is

10 things you’re doing in the gym that are injuring you.

If you have ever trained in the gym or exercise a lot, including things like pilates and yoga, then you would be familiar with pain and/or injuries. By acknowledging pain and getting regular treatment you can limit the frequency or likelihood of getting injured in the first place. We take a look at 10 common reasons you may be getting injured in the gym. This is by no means a definitive list as there are many reasons people become injured. 1. Over training - this is a really common issue especially in people who are new to the gym or who are stop/start in their approach. Taking your body from no training to training 7 days a week is a recipe for disaster. The best approach is to ease into i

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