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How do you move? Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) gives us lots of insights into your

Selective Functional Movement Assessment or SFMA is an assessment tool that practitioners use to get an idea of where the dysfunctions are in your movement patterns. SFMA uses 7 big movements such as a neck movement, toe touch (multi-segmental flexion), extension, rotation, upper extremity, single leg stance and deep squat to reveal movement dysfunctions. It then breaks down the big movement into its pieces to find what is limiting the movement. For instance if you have have a dysfunctional toe touch, meaning you can touch your toes, you may have tightness in your hamstring muscles limiting you being able to get your fingers to reach your toes. We may then check your hamstring flexibility a

Inactivity or Sitting? Is sitting all day really killing you or is it just all hype?

If you have a Facebook account, follow any health posts or health gurus then you have probably read headlines like “Is sitting the new smoking?”, “Why sitting is killing you?” or possibly “Is sitting to blame for all of the worlds problems?”. Ok that last one I just made up but with all of these headlines you could be convinced to never sit again and spend the rest of your days standing up. The short answer is, yes, sitting for too long is not great for you. But neither is standing or standing on your head or hopping or anything else for that matter. But I believe it inactivity that is the real issue. Our modern lives mean that we have to sit for some periods of time so we can’t totally avoi

Shoulder Workshop at Anytime Fitness Sydney

This past Wednesday we presented a workshop for the managers and personal trainers at Anytime Fitness and Rapid Personal Training. The workshop was about how to train without pain and it was focussed on the shoulder. We covered how to assess the shoulder, common injuries seen in the gym and then demonstrated how we treat these injuries. We look forward to running more of these workshops in the near future.

Where is your pain really coming from? We take a look beyond the location of your pain.

A muscle therapist's greatest challenge is to find the source of what is causing their client's pain. This is usually the reason why people come to see us so it is important for us to get our client's out of pain fast. Getting someone out of pain is one thing, finding the cause of why they are in pain in the first place and where it is coming from is where it gets really interesting. It would be safe to assume that if the client points to an area of tenderness the logical thing to do would be to treat that point. Although there is good reason to firstly assess and treat the location of pain, perception of pain and the location of dysfunction are at times two entirely separate concepts and of

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