Anessa Madera   

Myotherapist / Remedial & Sports Massage Therapist

BSc Myotherapy, Cert Pilates, Cert PT

My name is Anessa and I am a passionate Myotherapist, Pilates instructor and qualified personal trainer. My treatment method fuses Myotherapy and Pilates giving you a unique approach to getting you out of pain fast and keeping you that way. I am interested in finding what the root cause is of your pain and find great pleasure in helping clients with chronic problems that other practitioners have been unable to help with. 


My treatment approach focuses on finding the real cause of an individual's pain or injury and working together with them to develop a treatment plan that suits both their lifestyle and goals. I believe that as a practitioner it is my job to be a life - long student and stay current with the research in the field in order to deliver the most relevant and beneficial treatment to you, the client.


I have completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Myotherapy) and am also a certified Fitness, Pilates Mat and Pilates Reformer Instructor.


I have been involved in sports and fitness from a young age and competed at a representative level in both tennis and volleyball all through my school years and since have been very devoted to a strength and conditioning gym regime. It is these types of training and the injuries that often ensue that also interested me in the benefits of Pilates and exercise therapy/rehabilitation that I have both practised and taught for several years.


Myotherapy is a form of manual therapy that involves an extensive physical evaluation and an integrated therapeutic approach in the treatment of affected muscles, joints, connective tissues and nerves. Manual treatment methods include Swedish massage, remedial massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, spinal and peripheral joint mobilisations, dry needling, cupping and sports taping. Myotherapists work with holistic, long term goals in mind and provide rehabilitation plans for clients to help prevent reoccurrence. 

Pilates is a system of exercise performed on specialised apparatus that is designed to improve posture, stability and mobility by enhancing body awareness. The integration of manual and movement therapy within treatment sessions creates more meaningful change to the body and lost lasting relief from pain or injury. 


One on one rehab exercise and Pilates

Anessa offers one on one exercise and pilates sessions in clinic. These sessions can build on your rehab and really make sure you are using correct form. These sessions are under the expert guidance of Anessa who is a very passionate, knowledgable and experienced Pilates instructor. Being a Myotherapist, Anessa is able to use her understanding of anatomy, biomechanics, movement and injuries to give you a safe session that won't injure you. This also means you can claim this session on your health fund as long as you can claim Myotherapy as an Extra. 

Being a manual therapist who also has a broad background in sports including Equestrian, tennis, and volleyball as well as resistance training I have always been very interested in bridging the gap between treatment and return to pain free functioning or sport performance. I spent 3 years while studying Myotherapy also studying and practicing Pilates at a high level. I was lucky enough to intern and eventually work for a very experienced and highly qualified instructor who owned a boutique Clinical Pilates studio. The knowledge that I was accumulating in my degree combined with my internship and Pilates qualifications meant that I was able to start working specifically with the clientele  in the studio that needed to rehabilitate from various sporting and workplace injuries. 

I believe that there is a significant difference from being pain free and being able to confidently perform in the sport of your choice without risking re-injury or return to work without eventually ending up with the same postural pain as you were before and this is where I want to become involved. A pain syndrome or injury is created by a poor movement pattern or posture that you have adopted and will continue to re-occur unless something changes for the long term. Movement patterns also change when there is an existing injury and even once this has been resolved these changes to your movement or posture can be ongoing and lead to even more problems down the line. 


It is so important for prevention of pain and injury to build awareness of how you move and position yourself for all your different activities and this is where I feel I can make a real difference. 

- Working as a Myotherapist in various clinics across Sydney

- Working as a Pilates instructor in various studios
- 4 year’s experience delivering quality Muscle Therapy 
- associated with leading physiotherapists and chiropractors
- treating 1000's of satisfied clients.


- Bachelor of Science (Myotherapy)
- Certificate 3 Personal Training
- Pilates Reformer Certified - Studio Pilates

- Pilates Advanced Mat Work Instructor - Studio Pilates

- International Pilates Mat Work Instructor - Studio Pilates

- Pilates Ball, Circle and Band Instructor - Studio Pilates

My passion is working with people and helping them overcome pain. Whether acute or chronic. As a practitioner, I believe you should never stop learning and as the human body is so complicated there is always more to learn, discover as well as keeping up to date with the latest developments.

Anessa is also a keen horse-rider and spends most of her spare time working with and riding horses. 


Here are some of the courses I have completed:
- Cert 3 Personal Training

- Currently studying Cert 4 in Personal Training

- Pilates Mat instructor

- Pilates Reformer instructor. 


Myotherapy Sydney.png

Services Offered

- Remedial Massage

- Sports Massage

- Myotherapy

- Dry Needling

- Deep Tissue Massage

- Private rehab exercise sessions

- One on one mat Pilates sessions

- Stretching and Strengthening advice

- Postural and Orthopaedic  Assessment

- Myofascial Release

- Trigger Point Therapy

- Muscle Energy Techniques

- PNF stretching

- Sports Taping

- Cupping


I had a great treatment from Myotherapist, Anessa. She was informative, attentive, and made me feel great going into my boxing fight this weekend. Will definitely return to see her on a regular basis.

Meer Awny 

You guys are miracle workers……Anessa, my back pain was completely gone after yesterdays session.

Peter Mullin

I have been suffering from severe neck and shoulder pain, and have consulted multiple practitioners, with little or no result. Following my first appointment with Anessa Madera, I have finally had pain relief, and after my second visit, I feel amazing. I know that with the next couple of appointments I will be pain free, which I have not experienced in a long time. Completely and highly recommend having treatment with this very caring and skillful therapist.Nilla Intelisano